Album Review : - Nadia Mcanuff & The Ligerians’ “Shelter From The Storm”

"Shelter From The Storm," the first full-length album by Nadia McAnuff and The Ligerians, mesmerizes with its dub-infused sound and McAnuff's haunting vocals.

- Reviewed By Reggaeology, 

The collaboration between Jamaican singer Nadia McAnuff and the French band The Ligerians has blossomed into a remarkable musical union. Their second studio project, but first full-length album, "Shelter From The Storm," is a 10-track gem that captivates with its soothing dub-infused soundscapes, perfectly complementing McAnuff’s haunting, hypnotic vocals and ethereal lyrics.

Standout tracks include the enchanting "Love Divine," the uplifting "Freedom Of Peace," the title track "Shelter," and the reflective "Fade Away." The crowd-pleaser "Waiting Room" also deserves a special mention for its infectious charm.

Overall, "Shelter From The Storm" is a commendable slow burner, destined to resonate with listeners for a long time.