Elihu Morris Is On Your Side Of Town

Elihu Morris latest single 'On Your Side Of Town’, was released in 2021, but is finding it placed in 2022.

Elihu Morris Is On Your Side Of Town
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Elihu’s latest single 'On Your Side Of Town’,  was released in 2021, but is finding it placed in 2022.

A fusion of Old School Reggae with New School Rock, the single was produced by Andrew Bassie Campbell and has a mellow but edgy sound with elements of rock fused with pop, deep roots, and reggae. ‘On Your Side Of Town’ is described by those who listen as an “old school hit” with a “new school flavour”.

Andrew Bassie Campbell, producer of the track has worked with Elihu for over 5 years where they built a solid business relationship and friendship. 

Reggae Singer Elihu MorrisHe stated that “Elihu is a talented songwriter and had this song written for some time now, but we wanted something fresh and new to add to his originality and uniqueness..."

‘On Your Side Of Town’ as described by Elihu Morris is a “head-turner”. 

He added, “Not everyone appreciates old school hits so I wanted to present this body of work in a way that different groups can enjoy. The magic happened when my team created the rhythm that complemented to words of the songs nicely. I try to reinvent the wheel a lot in music to stay current” Elihu’s love for reggae resonates through his music. 

He said, “Reggae is so powerful. To me, it’s more than a genre of music, it is a lifestyle”. He wants to be remembered for his mellow tone and his lyrical prowess.

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