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Welcome to Louditup.com, a digital trade magazine dedicated to Reggae & Caribbean Music. 


Our team of experienced professional journalists, op-ed writers, and renowned Reggae ethnomusicologists are committed to providing high-quality content that showcases the best new music and emerging talent from the Caribbean region.


What sets Louditup apart from other digital music publications is our focus on emerging talent and music discovery. Louditup is quickly becoming a high-visibility platform for emerging talent from the region to highlight the growing diversity of Caribbean music in the 21st century.


Our platform offers a global perspective on the vibrant and diverse music culture of the Caribbean. We strive to bring our readers the latest news, reviews, and features on the artists and music shaping the region's cultural landscape.


At Louditup, we believe in giving Caribbean music the global recognition it deserves, and are grateful for the over 22,000+ discerning Reggae consumer and music professionals that utilize Louditup.com to discover emerging talent and new music from across the region.


We are passionate about showcasing the best of Afro-Caribbean music culture. 


We believe that the music of the Caribbean region is a global treasure that deserves to be celebrated and shared with the world. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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  • Content Manager: Krystle Kerr
  • Executive Editor: Ava Irving
  • Senior Reporter: Justin Black
  • Associate Reporter: Christopher King
  • Consulting Editor: Lloyd Laing
  • Critique Partner: Jordanne Laing

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