Blaiz Fayah: The Rising Dancehall Artist from Paris

Discover the world of Blaiz Fayah, a rising dancehall/shatta artist with a million views on YouTube. Learn about his music influences, latest release, collaborations, and international success. Follow his journey from Paris to London, and from the Netherlands to Costa Rica.

Blaiz Fayah: The Rising Dancehall Artist from Paris
Louditup!! - Blaiz Fayah: The Rising Dancehall Artist from Paris

- Justin Black, Staff Reporter

Blaiz Fayah is a rising star in the dancehall music scene, with a unique sound that is getting attention worldwide. The Paris-based artist is a songwriter, singer, and composer whose inspiration is influenced by Reggae Dancehall. 

The French-based artist comes from a family of musicians heavily influenced by reggae dancehall. He has already made a name for himself in the Caribbean and Latin America garnering millions of vews and streams each month as an independent act out of France.

Blaiz Fayah's musical influences are varied, from French rap to Reggae Dancehall, with artists such as Booba, Arsenïk, Vybz Kartel, Konshens, Busy Signal, and Buju Banton. He draws inspiration from different artists, appreciating their unique sounds and styles.

Though based in Paris, Blaiz Fayah's music has been exported quite a bit, and he is better known across the Atlantic than in home country. 

He attributes this to the fact that his music is in English, which has no borders. 

Ironically it was in Costa Rica that one of his titles exploded, and he has no idea how it happened. 

When he sings there, he is surprised to see the crowd singing his songs word for word.

He was in Colombia not long ago, and it was the same. 

When he experiences this kind of success, it motivates him to do more, and he realizes that the world is big, and he wants more. 

Based on his credits he collaborates with a circle of producers he knows and trusts, such as DJ Glad and Mafio House, who understand his sound and work well with him. He also collaborates with Dutch Tribal Kush and Kybba of Basshall Movement, with whom he has churned out his biggest hit, "Bad."

His latest release "Take It Easy" featuring Busy Signal has already racked up impressive numbers on Youtube and Spotify since its release on April 7th and is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft. 

With his upcoming tour in Europe and a new album in the works, we can expect to hear a lot more from Blaiz Fayah in the near future.