Listen This - Alborosie's "Viral" New Single

Discover the infectious new single "viral" by Alborosie from his upcoming album "Destiny." Get ready to groove to the reggae vibes and powerful lyrics. Stay tuned for the release by VP Records.

- Ava Irving, Staff Writer

Alborosie, the internationally renowned Italian born, Jamaican based Reggae artist and producer, is back with a highly infectious new single titled "Viral" from his eagerly awaited upcoming album, "Destiny." 

Set for release on the VP Records imprint on May 26th 2023, "Viral" is set to captivate audiences worldwide with its irresistible groove and thought-provoking lyrics.

With his unique blend of Roots Reggae, Dub, and Dancehall, Alborosie has established himself as a true force in the music industry. 

Known for his distinct vocal style and conscious songwriting, he consistently delivers powerful messages through his music. 

"Viral" is no exception, as it reflects Alborosie's ability to address relevant social issues while maintaining an infectious rhythm that gets listeners moving.

The album is set to feature a diverse range of collaborations and genre-defying tracks that will further solidify his position as one of Reggae's most ticketed artists currently in the circuit.

With a rich history of supporting and promoting Reggae music, VP Records is the perfect home for Alborosie's latest musical offering. The label's commitment to showcasing authentic Reggae talent and their global reach make them an ideal partner for Alborosie's artistic vision.

As "Viral" gains momentum and anticipation for "Destiny" grows, fans and music enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated album.