Top 10 Jamaican Artists with the Most Recordings, Dead Or Alive..

Celebrating the Legends of Reggae and Dancehall: Top 10 Artists with the Most Recordings...

Top 10 Jamaican Artists with the Most Recordings, Dead Or Alive..
Louditup!! - Sizzla Is Jamaica Most Recorded Artist

-  The Reggaeologist

Jamaica is a melting pot of musical talent and has produced some of the biggest names in reggae and dancehall. These artists have left a lasting impact on the genre and have produced an impressive number of recordings over the years.

Here is a rundown of the top 10 reggae and dancehall artists, Dead Or Alive, with the most recordings as compiled by Certifiestreams™ using realtime data from

  1. Sizzla - 1,108 recordings
  2. Gregory Isaacs - 1,055 recordings
  3. Beenie Man - 1,035 recordings
  4. Dennis Brown - 1,029 recordings
  5. Bob Marley - 968 recordings
  6. Capleton - 914 recordings
  7. Bounty Killer - 689 recordings
  8. Vybz Kartel - 639 recordings
  9. Leroy Smart - 516 recordings
  10. Lady Saw - 418 recordings

These artists have not only left their mark in the reggae and dancehall genre, but have also played a significant role in promoting Jamaican culture and music to the world. 

Their music continues to inspire and entertain fans, both old and new.

Whether you are a fan of roots reggae, dancehall, or any other sub-genre, this list is a testament to the talent and musical legacy of Jamaica."