Khalia Plays It Safe With Stay True EP

"Explore Khalia's debut EP 'Stay True' - a collection of soulful tracks featuring collaborations with Mortimer, Shaggy, and Tanya Stephens. Experience a premium production but a somewhat one-dimensional soundscape. Khalia's star potential shines through, promising an exciting future in her music career."

Khalia Plays It Safe With Stay True EP
Louditup! - Khalia Plays It Safe With Stay True

- Ava Irving, Staff Writer -

Khalia's long-awaited debut EP, "Stay True," has finally graced our ears, but it seems like she's played it safe. The album boasts impressive collaborations with artists like Mortimer, Shaggy, and the incredible Tanya Stephens, all under the skillful production of Tony CD Kelly. 

While the production is undeniably polished and premium, it doesn't quite reach the anticipated brilliance many were hoping for. Khalia, is known for her outstanding singles, but the dynamics of this debut collection leaves discerning fans unquenched considering the wait for greatness.

However, it's important to note that "Stay True" is still a praiseworthy production that showcases Khalia's potential as a true star in the making. Despite its safe approach, it hints at the promising future that lies ahead for this talented artist.

The album is out now on all streaming platforms.