Lee "Scratch" Perry and Bob Riddim Unveil Eclectic Reggae Masterpiece: "Destiny"

Discover Lee "Scratch" Perry's groundbreaking reggae album, "Destiny," a fusion of modern beats and timeless poetry. Dive into the legacy of this iconic artist and his collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Bob Riddim. Explore the future of reggae music in this extraordinary release.

Justin Black, Staff Writer - 

In the realm of reggae legends, few names shine as brightly as Lee "Scratch" Perry. 

The Grammy-winning icon, known for his pioneering dub soundscapes in the 1970s, left an indelible mark on the music world, and now posthumously, Perry, in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Bob Riddim, has gifted us with their highly anticipated album, "Destiny."

Recorded during the final year of Scratch's life, this album stands as a testament to his boundless creativity and the enduring legacy he forged.

Unlike many recent Perry albums that harken back to his classic Black Ark studio sound, "Destiny" charts a daring new course. 

It places Scratch's poetic genius atop Bob Riddim's contemporary reggae compositions, infusing the traditional with the modern. 

Perry shares the stage with six young talents from Kingston's vibrant music scene, a gamble that pays off handsomely, propelling the artist back to the flamboyant, forward-thinking music of his prime.

The young vocalists on "Destiny" share not just their music but personal connections to the legendary "Upsetter" himself. 

Xana Romeo, daughter of Max Romeo, joins the ranks, her family history intertwined with Lee Perry's immortal 1976 album "War Inna Babylon."

Kabaka Pyramid, an associate of Damian Marley, lends his distinctive voice to the mix. 

Evie Pukupoo, a vital contributor to the title track and first single of the album, shares intimate moments from the later years of Perry's life, a testament to their close bond. 

Yaadcore, another rising star, adds his touch after collaborating with Scratch on two prior occasions.

"Destiny" also reunites Blvk H3ro with Bob Riddim, their previous collaboration "Neva Bow Down" having been nominated for Best Global Music Performance at the 2022 Grammys (Rocky Dawuni feat. Blvk H3ro - "Neva Bow Down"). 

This track record of success is just one more reason to be excited about this new project.

With nine original tracks, the album showcases Bob Riddim's musical prowess, as he skillfully merges modern reggae with Perry's visionary creativity. 

"Destiny" is destined to etch itself into history as the Upsetter's final masterpiece—a contemporary reggae record that revisits his pioneering artistry. 

Backed by Riddim's solid production, Perry's vivid and contemplative poetry delves into profound existential themes, a reflection of his lifelong dedication to the craft.

"Destiny" is a captivating journey through the ever-evolving world of reggae, bridging generations and celebrating the enduring spirit of Lee "Scratch" Perry. 

In this final chapter of his musical odyssey, the Upsetter leaves us with a legacy that will resonate for generations to come.