Listen To This - Tina & Bobby Konders Knock Heads On "Over You".

Experience the explosive collaboration between TINA (formerly Hoodcelebrityy) and DJ Bobby Konders as they deliver the ultimate dancehall anthem, "Over You." Get ready to be swept away by infectious rhythms and empowering lyrics that will dominate the charts and set the summer ablaze. Don't miss out on this electrifying track that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Listen To This - Tina & Bobby Konders Knock Heads On "Over You".

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TINA, formerly known as Hoodcelebrityy, has joined forces with Brooklyn's very own legendary DJ Bobby Konders of Massive B for a scintillating dancehall anthem titled "Over You." 

Born in Jamaica and based in New York, TINA has been making waves in the dancehall scene since 2015, steadily developing her online presence eventually gaining credibility within the Caribbean a singer and rapper.

In 2018, TINA soared to new heights with her summer smash hit "Walking Trophy," which became an instant favorite. 

She followed up with other successful tracks like "Bum Pon It" and her recent collaboration with Bounty Killer and Black Shadow titled "I'm Back." 

These songs showcased her undeniable talent and further solidified her position as a rising star in the dancehall genre.

"Over You" is a scorching dancehall track that encapsulates the essence of summer, perfect for igniting dancefloors and energizing day parties. 

With its infectious rhythms and catchy lyrics, this song is destined to have ladies across the world singing along and embracing its empowering message.

TINA's collaboration with Bobby Konders of Massive B brings together two forces of the Brooklyn music scene. Bobby Konders, a revered DJ and producer, has made significant contributions to the dancehall and reggae genres throughout his career. 

By joining forces, TINA and Bobby Konders have created a track that combines their talents and pays homage to their shared Jamaican roots.