Sunshyne P Unveils Captivating Remix Project

Discover the musical magic of Sunshyne P's latest remix project, "My Memories," following her Afrocaribbean hit "Memories." Islandrock delivers two captivating reprises, including a surprising dance/house edition, expanding Sunshyne P's sonic horizons. Available on Hummingbirds Echo, this release is a testament to her evolving artistry.

Sunshyne P Unveils Captivating Remix Project

Justin Black, Staff Writer -

Renowned singer-songwriter Sunshyne P continues to captivate music lovers with her latest project, "My Memories," an exhilarating follow-up to her April sensation "Memories" in the emerging Afrocaribbean genre. 

Produced by newcomer Islandrock, the remix project offers two compelling reprises of the song, including an unexpected dance/house edition set to electrify her fan base while expanding her sonic horizons. 

The double-track release is now available on her independent label, Hummingbirds Echoes, marking yet another milestone in her evolving musical journey.

Sunshyne P's distinctive musicality shines through "My Memories," infusing her signature style with a fresh perspective. 

The remix project showcases her versatility, seamlessly blending genres and pushing creative boundaries. 

Notably, the dance/house remix promises an exhilarating sonic experience, taking listeners on an unforgettable musical ride.

Accompanying the release is a heartwarming visualizer that promises to elevate the project's impact. 

Scheduled for release next week, the visualizer is expected to add a visually captivating layer to Sunshyne P's rich musical tapestry.

As "My Memories" graces the airwaves, Sunshyne P's artistry continues to evolve, leaving fans and music enthusiasts eagerly awaiting her next move. 

The remix project cements her position as a trailblazing artist with a remarkable ability to reinvent herself while staying true to her musical roots.