The Top Five Reggae Songs This Week Worldwide

Discover the latest in global reggae music with top five reggae songs from around the world. Immerse yourself in the soothing rhythms of artists like The Green, Stephen Marley, Kolohe Kai, and Damian Marley, and experience the authentic vibes of beachy reggae and acoustic folk-driven melodies.

1. "Step Up" - The Green

"Step Up" - The Green

Debuting at coveted number 1 spot this week on the Reggae Global Top 40 is "Step Up" from The Green's "Summertime" EP. This beach-infused reggae track embraces an authentic calireggae vibe, enriched with a folk-driven island sound.

2. "Cool As The Breeze" by Stephen Marley

"Cool As The Breeze" by Stephen Marley

Stephen Marley's latest release, "Cool As The Breeze," takes a graceful step down to the number 2 position this week. This acoustic reggae gem captures the essence of folk music, serving as the perfect sonic backdrop for winding down after a scorching summer.

3. "Too Close To Home" by Kolohe Kai

"Too Close To Home" by Kolohe Kai

Hawaii's own Kolohe Kai continues to impress with consistent 2023 releases, with his latest single debuting at number 3. This smoky acoustic piece strikes a chord with listeners and follows in the footsteps of his equally powerful 2023 releases.

4. "Uma" by J Boog

"Uma" by J Boog

Another luminary of the jawaiian soundscape, J Boog, swings his way into the Reggae Global Top 40 at number 4 with "Uma." This latest single showcases his knack for infusing ska influences into his music, delivering another hit for his devoted fans.

5. "My Sweet Lord" by Damian Marley

"My Sweet Lord" by Damian Marley

Damian Marley's soulful rendition of "My Sweet Lord" continues to hold its ground in the Reggae Global Top 40, maintaining its fifth-place position for a second consecutive week, keeping the reggae spirit alive.

6. Other Notable Entries This Week..

Other Notable Entries This Week..

At number 7, Iration brings the vibes with "Daytrippin."

Tessanne Chin's "Surreal," produced by Natural High Music, claims the number 9 spot. Aleighcia Scott's "First Love" from her highly anticipated album "Windrush Baby" debuts at #10 from the album "Windrush Baby", considered one of the year's most eagerly awaited studio releases.