Beyond The Clash: 10 New Reggae & Dancehall Releases Worth Listening

"Explore the latest reggae and dancehall releases beyond the clash! From Sizzla's powerful homage in 'Hail Rastafari' to Jada Kingdom's standout 'Top Tier,' dive into a diverse musical journey with these 10 tracks that seamlessly blend tradition and innovation in the vibrant world of reggae and dancehall."

Hail Rastafari - Sizzla, Dez Hall (Music House Entertainment)

Sizzla and Dez Hall join forces in "Hail Rastafari," a powerful reggae anthem that pays homage to Rastafarian culture and spirituality. The track is a testament to Sizzla's enduring influence in the reggae genre.

Don't Get Me Wrong - WesRok, Busy Signal (360 Global Entertainment)

WesRok collaborates with dancehall sensation Busy Signal in "Dont Get Me Wrong," blending dancehall beats with elements of fusion. The result is a dynamic track that captures the essence of modern dancehall.

Top Tier - Jada Kingdom (Money Well Spent)

Jada Kingdom asserts her dominance in the dancehall scene with "Top Tier." Fusing elements of dancehall with her unique style, Kingdom delivers a bold and infectious track that showcases her versatility.

Miracle - Kes, Kes The Band, Tano (Ineffable Music)

Kes and Kes The Band, accompanied by Tano, bring the vibrant energy of Soca to the forefront with "Miracle." This release is a celebration of the infectious rhythms and joyous vibes inherent in Soca music.

Big Girl - Boney Derrington (RAOF Music)

Boney Derrington explores the Afrocaribbean sound in "Big Girl," a track that blends Caribbean rhythms with Afrobeat influences. The result is a rhythmic and lively fusion that showcases the artist's global musical influences.

Take Me Higher - Jermaine Edwards (Island Worship)

Jermaine Edwards uplifts spirits with "Take Me Higher," a gospel-infused reggae track that combines soulful vocals with spiritual messages. This release is a testament to the diverse ways in which reggae can convey positive and uplifting themes.

Bacchanal - Beenie Man, Yung Bredda, Stadic, Jonny Blaze (Stadic Blaze)

Beenie Man, Yung Bredda, Stadic, and Jonny Blaze collaborate in "Bacchanal," a high-energy Soca release that embodies the spirit of carnival. The track is a perfect blend of Soca's infectious beats and the artists' dynamic performances.

All Dem Deh - Dejavilla (

Dejavilla introduces a fresh perspective to dancehall to the classic "All Dem Deh," an interpolated fusion of dancehall with eclectic elements. The track showcases the artist's ability to experiment with diverse sounds while maintaining the core essence of dancehall.

Problems - Raybekah (Promised Land Recordings)

Raybekah explores the synergy between dancehall and Afrobeat in "Problems." This track is a testament to the genre-blurring nature of contemporary Caribbean music, as Raybekah seamlessly blends Afrobeat rhythms with dancehall vibes.

Rise Up - Chardonnay, Mana Maoli Collective, Trishnalei (Brittni Paiva Music)

Chardonnay, alongside Mana Maoli Collective and Trishnalei, brings a West Coast vibe to reggae in "Rise Up." The track combines laid-back reggae grooves with the sun-soaked atmosphere of the West Coast, creating a refreshing and unique listening experience.