CertifiedStreams' Homegrown 200 Report Reveals Shifting Streaming Trends for July

Explore the latest trends in the Homegrown music scene with CertifiedStreams' July Homegrown 200 Report analysis. Discover how Spotify, YouTube, radio, and SoundCloud streams reveal dynamic shifts in listener preferences and consumption patterns. Dive into the numbers and insights that showcase the resilience and evolution of the Homegrown industry.

CertifiedStreams' Homegrown 200 Report Reveals Shifting Streaming Trends for July

Lloyd Laing, Music Analyst,

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, CertifiedStreams' recently released July edition of its monthly Homegrown 200 Report has brought to light intriguing shifts in streaming patterns, painting a dynamic picture of the current state of the Homegrown music scene.


Spotify, the powerhouse of the streaming world, experienced a notable 7.9% decline in streams during the month of July.


The numbers dipped from a robust 38.087 million streams in the previous 30-day period to 35.045 million streams, indicating a slight dip in engagement. 


While this might raise eyebrows, it's essential to recognize that fluctuations are part and parcel of the streaming world, reflecting the ebb and flow of listener preferences and trends.


On the visual front, YouTube, a go-to platform for music discovery, mirrored this trend, showcasing a 6.9% reduction in views. June's impressive 47 million plus views gave way to a still formidable 44.1 million views in July. 


This dip, though noteworthy, does not necessarily equate to a decline in overall interest; rather, it suggests a recalibration in how listeners are interacting with and consuming music content. Interestingly, radio emerged as the unsung hero of this period. With a mere 4.2% drop in streams, from 4.76 thousand to 4.55 thousand, radio demonstrated remarkable resilience. 


This finding underscores the enduring appeal of traditional broadcasting mediums in an increasingly digital world. 


It also hints at a possible synergy between terrestrial radio and streaming platforms, as listeners seek diversity in their music consumption habits.


Amidst these shifts, SoundCloud stood out as a beacon of positivity. 


Demonstrating a steady upward trajectory, SoundCloud showcased a 7.3% increase in streams, leaping from 581K+ to 624.6K+ streams. This surge highlights the platform's continued relevance and the Homegrown music scene's ability to thrive even in the face of broader fluctuations.

 While these statistics provide valuable insights into the trends of the Homegrown music industry, it's important to interpret them within the context of a dynamic and ever-changing musical landscape.


 Shifts in streaming numbers don't necessarily reflect a decline in the industry's vibrancy; rather, they represent a natural evolution as listeners explore new avenues and platforms for music discovery.


 As we eagerly anticipate the next edition of the Homegrown 200 Report, one thing remains certain: the Homegrown music scene is far from stagnant. 


 It continues to evolve, adapt, and capture the hearts of listeners in new and unexpected ways, cementing its place as a driving force within the broader music ecosystem.