Discover: GSP Stretch

Discover the jaw-dropping Afro-Caribbean fusion single "Games" by the unassuming studio engineer, Stretch, from the renowned Frankie Music Studio in Jamaica. This independent production offers a refreshing twist to the music scene, showcasing the boundless talent hidden in every corner of the island.

- Jo Laing, Staff Writer -

In Jamaica, talent seems to bloom from every nook and cranny, and recently we had the chance to met a humble studio engineer at the illustrious Frankie Music Studio who has unveiled himself as a musical gemstone in the rough.

GSP Stretch, the unsung genius behind the scenes, has recently introduced us to his Afro-Caribbean fusion single, "Games," and it's nothing short of breathtaking. 

With a meticulous touch, he has carefully crafted a soundscape that injects a much-needed dose of freshness into the current musical landscape.

What's truly remarkable is that this production is entirely independent, and Stretch has slyly teased a few more musical treasures hidden up his sleeve. "Games" is now available for listeners on all major platforms worldwide, and trust me, it's worth the listen.