Reviewed: - Aleighcia Scott's Windrush Baby

Discover Aleighcia Scott's 'Windrush Baby' – A Deluxe Reggae Journey that pays homage to reggae's roots while delivering a modern twist. Read our relaxed music review and get ready to be musically smitten. Available now on all platforms

Reviewed: - Aleighcia Scott's  Windrush Baby
Louditup! - Reviewed: - Aleighcia Scott's Windrush Baby

Ava Irving, Staff Writer -

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that Aleighcia Scott is a futue musical force to be reckoned with. The Welsh singer/songwriter, with her Jamaican roots running deep, has masterfully crafted an album that effortlessly bridges two worlds, leaving us musically smitten.

"Windrush Baby" is not just an album; it's an eloquent homage to the roots of reggae, skillfully blended with the echoes of the aptly titled album.

The album kicks off with "First Love" a treasure reprise of Scott's signature dynamics, delivered with a subtlety that warms the heart. 

From the very beginning, you can tell you're in for something special.

The sax-led track "Good Vibes" takes us on an elevated journey of sound, reminiscent of the purest form of rub-a-dub. It's a sonic delight that immerses you in the essence of reggae's soul.

One of the remarkable qualities of "Windrush Baby" is the subtle hints of familiarity woven into its fabric. It's like catching up with an old friend while embarking on a musical adventure, making it easy to settle in for the next track.

The orchestral-driven "Do You" is where the album soars above the usual altitude of lovesrock, roots-inspired reggae albums. Rory, the mastermind behind the album's production, has poured his heart and soul into this project, and it just might be his magnum opus, if we dare to say so.

"Hey World" transports us back to the iconic sounds of the '80s with dynamic prominence. This single pays homage to the era when Carlene Davis ruled as the undeniable queen of homegrown music. One can't help but yearn for a 12-inch disco version of this track - hint hint.

"In My Shoes" has already made its mark as a single, priming fans for the full album. It's another future classic drawn from the golden era of UK Reggae's primordial ooze. Aleighcia Scott leaves listeners wanting for nothing, and for those seeking a fresh burst of our beloved reggae sound, she delivers impressively.

The pace slows down seamlessly with "Pretty Little Brown Thing," a track that emerged as one of radio's favorite singles of the summer. It's a testament to Scott's versatility and ability to captivate audiences across different tempos.

"Maybe" invites fans into a time machine, echoing the authentic sounds of yesteryear in modern times. Its flute-flavored melody, adorned with quaint horn accents, is a journey through romance that feels both nostalgic and refreshing.

Flowing seamlessly into a reprise of "Mr. Big Shot," Aleighcia Scott's vocal prowess becomes undeniable. With Rory at the helm, they've undoubtedly spearheaded one of the finest female reggae albums of the current decade.

"This Way" effortlessly slips into a syrupy soundscape that's sure to become an earworm for couples seeking that signature lover's rock single to express unspoken emotions.

"My Love" closes the album like a sleepy serenade after a musical massage by a production that's truly worth a rewind.

To be honest, the production team has gifted fans with a deluxe album on its first edition, making it a true gem to listen.

If "Windrush Baby" ends up on vinyl, it will be well worth the wait and the price.

Windrush Baby" is a testament to Aleighcia Scott's artistry and her ability to bridge the past and present of reggae music. It's an album that deserves a spot in your playlist, and it's out now on all platforms. So, go ahead and treat your ears to this reggae journey, you won't be disappointed.