The Reggae Global Top 40 Roundup #98

We take a look at the top 10 most streamed reggae songs worldwide, as revealed in the latest edition of the Reggae Global Top 40 music chart, Issue No. 98.

The Reggae Global Top 40 Roundup #98
Louditup! - Eddie Zuke Is #1 For The 5th Week!!

- Staff Reporter

The latest edition of the Reggae Global Top 40 music chart, Issue No. 98, has just been unveiled, and we're thrilled to bring you the top 10 most streamed Reggae songs worldwide.

Topping the chart for the fifth consecutive week is Eddie zuko's "Still," a track that has been making waves since its release and shows no sign of slowing down. 

In second place is "Edge of The Ocean" by stickfiguremusic, a hit that boasts infectious melodies and catchy lyrics.

At number three is the Bernardo Pro powered "Flowers (Reggae Version)" by mileycyrus, showcasing the versatility of reggae music and its ability to appeal to a wide audience.

The fourth spot belongs to the reprised "Electric Boogie" by direalshaggy, which features Amber Lee, Marcia Griffiths, and Moyann, is a remix of the classic reggae hit that features an impressive lineup of artists.

Rounding out the top five are "Little More Tequila" and "If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body" by Maoli, two tracks that are perfect for unwinding and relaxing. 

The soulful "Sleepin On The Couch" by Cali Reggae Rockers ballyhoo and The Elovaters takes the seventh spot, followed by "Aint That Lovin You" by newcomer Kelly Shane supported by Busy Signal at number eight.

The ninth spot goes to "One Headlight" by another newcomer The Step Beats, a unique fusion of reggae and rock. 

Finally, "Harry's Way" by The Soothsayers and Victor Rice rounds out the top 10 with its infusion of reggae, dub, jazz, and soul elements.

It's heartening to see such a diverse range of artists and styles represented in the top 10 most Reggae Songs worldwide. 

These tracks showcase the depth and richness of reggae music and highlight its enduring appeal. 

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