Tori Lattore: An Emerging Vocal Awakening

Discover the rising star, Tori Lattore, a vocal powerhouse with captivating velvet tones and fiery delivery. Explore her journey from ASHE to Edna Manley College, and her role as a background vocalist for music legends. Experience the magic of her solo career with the sultry single "Be Awakened"

Jo Laing, Youth Writer -

In the world of music, size is no measure of power, and Tori-Ann Ivy proves this with her inimitable voice. Despite her petite stature, she stands tall with smooth, velvet tones and a fiery delivery that has captivated audiences near and far.

Tori-Ann's musical journey began at a tender age when she joined the international performing arts company ASHE. 

Here, she honed her vocal craft and performance style, setting the stage for her remarkable career. She continued her musical education at the prestigious Edna Manley College – Jamaica School of Music, where her talent continued to flourish.

What sets Tori-Ann apart is her vibrant and energetic stage presence, which is nothing short of magical. As a soloist, she possesses a captivating and magnetic aura that draws you in. 

Despite her youth, she's gaining recognition in music circles as a vocal powerhouse.

Tori-Ann's versatility is evident in her background vocal work alongside music stalwarts like Etana, Wayne Marshall, Chevaughn, Romain Virgo, Babycham, Jesse Royal, Notis Heavy Weight Rockaz, and Agent Sasco. 

Her role as the lead female vocalist for the Ashe Company has taken her around the world, thrilling audiences from Amsterdam to Trinidad, from New York to South Africa, and everywhere in between.

But Tori-Ann isn't just a captivating performer; she's also a brilliant young songwriter whose music is making its way into the repertoires of various artists. 

Now embarking on her solo career, you can experience her sultry tones in her latest single "Be Awakened"

Tori-Ann Ivy may be petite in stature, but her voice and presence are truly larger than life. 

Keep an ear out for this rising star in the music world as she continues to make her mark. Her lateste single "Be Awakened" is out now on all platforms.