Discover Ras Teo: The Reggae Time Traveller From Sweden

Explore the transformative reggae journey of Ras Teo, from a cassette tape gift in Sweden to chart-topping albums. Discover the celestial roots and heavenly vibrations in his music.

Ava Irving, Staff Writer - 

In the quaint town of Uppsala, Sweden, a musical journey began that would ultimately touch the souls of reggae enthusiasts across the globe. This gifted artist, who would later come to be known as Ras Teo, was about to embark on a transformative odyssey that would span decades.

For Ras Teo it was a simple yet profound gift from his friend, Affe Ashkar, that would set the wheels of destiny in motion. Affe handed Teo a mixed cassette tape, an unassuming present that carried the power to ignite a lifelong passion.

The music on that tape was reggae, and the artists it showcased were like prophets of a higher order.

Ijahman Levi's ethereal melodies, Fred Locks' spiritual resonance, and Hugh Mundell's soul-stirring compositions—these were the divine providence that whispered to Ras Teo's heart. 

They beckoned him to immerse himself in the rich, soulful waters of reggae music.

From that moment on, Ras Teo began his sacred pilgrimage, collecting reggae tunes that resonated with his soul's deepest vibrations. 

With every song he acquired, he grew closer to the celestial roots of reggae, channelling the afro culture's energy into the roots of his being.

In 2009, Ras Teo unveiled his first full-length album, "Mystic Morning," a testament to his deep connection with reggae's spiritual essence. 

This musical offering was followed by "Show I The Way" in 2011, both albums carrying the indelible mark of a soul deeply devoted to the reggae genre.

The year 2015 brought forth "Bredda Daniel," an album that not only showcased Ras Teo's musical prowess but also featured collaborations with luminaries like Yami Bolo, Iqulah Rastafari, Leroy Horsemouth Wallace on drums, and Bongo Herman on percussion.

"Timeless" graced our ears in 2017, further solidifying Ras Teo's place in the reggae pantheon. 

With contributions from the same remarkable crew and the addition of performances by Sizzla Kalonji and veteran roots singer Pablo Gad, the album was a testament to the timeless power of reggae.

But Ras Teo's journey was far from over. 

In 2019, he joined forces with ace producer Roberto Sanchez of Lone Ark Studios in Santander, Spain, to create the double album "Ten Thousand Lions." 

This understated masterpiece soared to the pinnacle of the Amazon Reggae Charts, a testament to the profound impact of Ras Teo's music.

From that humble cassette tape gifted by a friend to the apex of the reggae charts, Ras Teo's journey has been nothing short of celestial. 

His music, an ode to Reggae's near heavenly vibrations, Ras Teo continues to inspire and uplift listeners worldwide.

His current single "Daniel" is a triumphant ode to his search for the panultimate roots of Reggae and in the effort has carved himself a modern classic slow burner with cult potential.