Don Corleon Returns: A Review of "Finally" Riddim

Don Corleone, renowned for his iconic riddims of the early 2000s, makes a local comeback with his latest project, "Finally" Riddim.

Don Corleon Returns: A Review of "Finally" Riddim
Louditup!! - Don Corleon Returns: A Review of "Finally" Riddim

Penny Kerr - Staff Writer,

As the pulse of Jamaican music beats ever stronger, legendary producer Don Corleone emerges from the shadows once more, adding his signature touch to the vibrant soundscape of the streets. With his latest project, "Finally" Riddim, Don Corleone delivers a 10-track journey that both honors his past and hints at the future.

While some might expect every track to be an instant hit, "Finally" Riddim offers a nuanced experience, blending freshness with familiarity. Each track holds its own, with standout performances from Gentleman, Kimeco, Keely Keyz, Pressure, and Meleku, the latter shining brightly as a talent to watch for the future.

While TOK and Tarrus Riley's contributions may not have soared as expected, Christopher Martin and Taye leave a commendable resonance that adds depth to the collection.

In essence, "Finally" Riddim is a slow burner, inviting listeners to savor its subtleties with each successive play. It may not deliver an immediate knockout punch, but its depth and diversity ensure that there's something for everyone to discover and enjoy. So take your time, listen closely, and pick your favorites from this rich musical tapestry.