Vybz Kartel's Come Back Home EP

Discover Vybz Kartel's captivating 'Come Back Home' EP, a five-track compilation of acoustic-inspired romantic serenades that showcases the enduring talent of the Dancehall legend. Immerse yourself in the clean and mature side of one of Jamaica's most influential artists. Stream now on all platforms!

Justin Black, Staff Writer - 

It's a daunting task to encapsulate the lyrical brilliance of the incarcerated genius that is Vybz Kartel. His persona and music have undeniably woven themselves into the fabric of Jamaican social culture.

Even within the confines of a life sentence, Kartel remains the gold standard for Dancehall music. 

Remarkably, he continues to nurture and push the boundaries of his musical creativity from behind bars.

The Gaza King recently unveiled his latest offering, the "Come Back Home" EP, featuring five remastered tracks with an acoustic inspiration. 

This compilation showcases some of Kartel's romantic serenades, catering to his more mature audience who appreciate the "clean" facet of one of Jamaica's most cherished artists.

You can now enjoy Vybz Kartel's "Come Back Home" EP on all major platforms.